More Minions Added

If you’re going to be an evil villain, you’re going to need an army. Until now, the only soldier available was the dependable and trusty slime monster. Its slime trails slow down pesky heroes, but slimes are not terribly dangerous on their own. No hero has ever been slimed to death.

Enter the new recruits:

The player's army now has four minion types

Going from left to right, we have the annoying hero, our trusty slime, the disgusting orc, the magic-using warlock, and the fireball-shooting dragon.

The orc is a ground-based melee unit. The current plan is that orcs should be cheap and plentiful, making up the bulk of an early army along with the slime. The typical hero should make swift work of a single orc, but a small group should give him trouble.

The warlock is the first magic-using entity in the game. He’s not very strong or fast, but he can attack from a distance, and it’s possible he’ll have a special ability that aids nearby minions in battle.

The dragon is the first flying unit, and it is quite a bit tougher than the other minions. Its can shoot fireballs from a distance, which means multiple attacks can be delivered before the typical sword-and-shield hero could get close enough to fight back. Still, a lone dragon is vulnerable and needs support.

Between the slime, orc, warlock, and dragon, the player’s evil army now has some variety. Besides avoiding trouble with the Minion Resources department, having multiple types of minions in your army makes it more effective. For example, slimes can slow down invading heroes, making them easier and juicier targets for dragons and warlocks.

And what about the forces of good? They’ll have their own recruits, so make sure you check back for a post that introduces them.

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