First Level Demonstration

Work continues on the alpha release of “Stop That Hero!” While it isn’t ready to be released yet, I thought I’d post this demonstration of an early tutorial level which is meant to demonstrate how to play and is not indicative of the challenges you’ll face as an evil villain. As I mention in the video, the game currently doesn’t feature animations or sound effects as the focus is entirely on nailing down the game play at this point.

Until the alpha is released, pre-orders are still available, so reserve your copy of “Stop That Hero!” for Windows, Linux, or Mac today!

What did you think of the demonstration? Did you think I played evilly enough?

For just $8.50, you can order the current alpha version of Stop That Hero, getting access to it instantly. You'll receive free updates as well.

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  1. Making good progress! I have two suggestions for you. First, I notice the villagers start running before they can actually see the orcs – I know a range check is simplest, but a very basic line-of-sight algorithm might look a little more realistic. The orcs should still be obscured behind the trees. Second, how about a fast-forward button to help speed up the time that it takes for the orcs to travel from the first village to the second? There’s a long wait there…

  2. STH

    Thanks for the suggestions! The villager flee behavior needs tweaking as you said. As for a fast-forward button, it is a good idea, along with making sure that levels don’t have long waits to begin with. B-)

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