Development News Update

Even though it has been quiet around here, “Stop That Hero!” development has continued.

I’ve been incorporating the feedback I’ve received from play testers and customers, and I’ve been updating a number of things that make the game easier and more enjoyable to play.

I’ll leave the details of the next release for another day, but v0.2.0 is being dubbed “The Sound Release”, which should give you a clue to what the biggest change is.

Soon, I’ll be sending a newsletter out to customers about the upcoming release. If you’re not a customer and want to know next-soonest, sign up for the GBGames Insider Info newsletter in the right sidebar or use the GBGames Insider Info form.

Also, remember that you can follow the development news and talk to other fans at the Stop That Hero! Facebook page and the Stop That Hero! Google+ page. For instance, I posted a screenshot at those pages to show off the new indicators for structures just the other day.

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