Announcing The Sound Update

The next version has arrived.

“Stop That Hero!” v0.2.0, aka the Sound Update, is available for Windows, GNU/Linux, and GNU/Linux 64-bit.

Try it for free!

Listen as your minions clash with the heroes in the fight between Good and Evil.

Orcs are grunting. Villagers are screaming. Slimes are…sliming.

The biggest change is the addition of sound, which brings the real-time battles to life. Every clink of treasure collected, every clash of a knight’s swords, and every cry of anguish from your vanquished foes no longer requires your imagination. And with catchy music by the talented William Riordan, this easy-to-play strategy game is even more enjoyable.

Also included with this update:

  • Access to 10 challenging evil levels
  • 2 free evil bonus levels, as a thank you for your support, for even more opportunities to be evil
  • The ability to summon new evil minions, including hellhounds, skeletons, and zombies, perfect for overwhelming your foes
  • New heroes, including mountain dwarves, cunning thieves, and the valiant White Knight, all ready to challenge your evil rule
  • Free access to updated versions as they become available

You can try it for free by playing the demo version, which grants you access to the first five levels, five heroes to challenge you, and four evil minions to summon: orcs, warlocks, slimes, and dragons.

With easy to learn game play and quick play sessions, you can finally fit “running an evil empire” into your busy schedule.

Click on the screenshots below to see a larger version:

Summon the undead! Zombies and Skeletons are yours to command!

Thieves might not be totally good, but they are definitely on the side of the heroes!

Battle against the White Knight

For just $8.50, you can order the current alpha version of Stop That Hero, getting access to it instantly. You'll receive free updates as well.

Buy Stop That Hero! for Windows

Buy Stop That Hero! for Linux

Buy Stop That Hero! for Linux 64-bit

Buy Stop That Hero! for Mac

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