A Wacky Projectile Test and Development Video

The heroes and minions are supposed to be the star of the show in “Stop That Hero!”, but in the original prototype, the characters were nothing more than boring variations of each other. A hero was just a slime who was stronger, faster, and more handsome. A flying creature could merely move over different terrain as compared to an entity who had to walk on the ground. Otherwise, everyone in the game was basically the same.

In order to give the entities some personality and variety, I decided they should have different abilities.

Since the only minion in the current game is the trusty slime monster, I gave it the ability to leave behind slime trails. When the slime moves about, it leaves behind a trail of slime, and any entities walking over that slime will get slowed down. The slime trail and the slow status effect both wear off over time.

I also decided to add projectiles to the game. Combat was originally envisioned to be completely melee in nature. Heroes would use swords and shields against the claws and slime of your army. Now, while some entities would have nothing more than swords, claws, or bites, others would shoot arrows or launch fireballs at their enemies.

Projectile weapons are more effective when the target has been slowed by slime trails since it gives the attacker more time to launch more attacks. Now there is a reason to create slimes even if they are relatively weak since they make your ranged-attack minions more useful!

Now for the wacky part. When I added projectiles as a feature, I needed a way to test it. Rather than create an entirely new minion, I decided it was faster to change the slime’s weapon configuration. And rather than create a new special-purpose graphic for this test, I just used the graphic for treasure chests since they were already in the game.

The result is the latest abomination from the labs: slimes chucking treasure chests! Check out the video below for a demonstration of both slime trails and projectile weapons, and please excuse the programmer art:

I was happy to see that it only takes a handful of slimes to defeat the hero, whereas before it took a much larger army to subdue him. Slowing slime trails combined with projectile weapons makes for a lethal combination. Obviously slimes won’t throw treasure chests in the final version, and the hero won’t be so easy to defeat, but it made for an amusing test of the new projectile weapon functionality.

What do you think? Let me know below by leaving a comment, and please make sure to tell your friends!

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