About Stop That Hero!

Stop That Hero! is a real-time strategy game that puts you in the role of the villain.

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Stop That Hero! Bringing evil back...
As your evil spreads and you conquer the various territories in the world, you’ll find that the locals aren’t terribly pleased and have found a few champions to defend them.

How cute.

Unleash your monstrous minions into battle against the heroes of good and champions of right! The do-gooders will be attempting to storm your castle and take back what they think is their land.

Stop those heroes, and keep the world safe from Good!

A Deceptively Simple Strategy Game

Stop That Hero! Bringing evil back...

To play “Stop That Hero!”, you use your resources to summon your army from the structures you own. Then you watch them do their dirty work.

Your minions have their own goals and desires, so you don’t control them directly. Luckily, most of their lives revolve around ridding the land of heroes so that you can run your evil empire in peace. They’ll find the nearest enemy on their own, fighting and defending your castle so you don’t have to.

Your job is to decide where and when to summon . It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Well, not if your enemies have anything to say about it.

Your Enemy, the Heroes

Stop That Hero! Bringing evil back...

Your evil rule is challenged by someone, but who is sending these armies into your lands?

You’ll find that even common village guards can pose a threat if you don’t contain them.
Archers can strike quickly from a distance.
Wizards can incinerate even the most powerful foe, and unfortunately, they’re not on your side.
Knights are powerful and disciplined.

And there’s more coming. How will you respond?

Your Loyal Minions

To fight against this invasion of the righteous, raise your own evil army!

Summon orcs to overwhelm your opponents with numbers.
Call on slimes to slow them down, giving your army more time to fight.
Use your influence on the dragons to put a fiery end to your enemies.
Send your warlocks out to secure the battlefield, giving you more options in your fight against Good.

Your minions serve you. And they’re rather expendable.

Why Should You Play?

  • Because it’s easy to learn. Simple and intuitive game play lets you raise an evil army as easily as clicking a mouse button. There’s no 500-page manual to read or hours of experience necessary.
  • Because it’s intriguing. With a wide assortment of minions and heroes on multiple levels, you’ll find a variety of fun ways to play…evilly.
  • Because it’s quick. Game sessions last for mere minutes rather than hours. You can finally fit “running an evil empire” into your busy schedule.
  • Because it’s fun to be bad.

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